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Be a better

Instantly review your insurance restoration estimate for compliance, value, and training. 

Yes, we are now reviewing CoreLogic/ Symbility Estimates too!

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Faster Turnaround Times

With AiME's near instant results, just drop your estimate and get your projects closed and paid faster!

Collaborative Teams

With AiME's technology, you can collaborate, edit, add comments with your team. 

Improved Compliance and Complete scopes

AiME comments for compliance and completeness of scope -  allowing you to choose and have improved confidence that the right estimate items are in the scope, and the wrong ones are not.

Training and Education

AiME is more than just an estimating tool, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology allows your team to be better estimators, project managers, and adjusters!

Trackable results you can trust!


Be a better Estimator, Adjuster, Project Manager, or Reviewer!

Instantly review your insurance, restoration estimate for compliance, value, and training.


With AiME, you can trust your estimates will meet industry standard, carrier/insurer protocol, and accepted estimating practices.

AiME assists you in writing and reviewing an estimate that is a fair and accurate representation of the work performed or required.

Learn and be reminded of best practices from a continually expanding collaborative library of ideas.

AiME helps you
be better!

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