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What's better than the BEST?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

You may have noticed we are excited about our latest update, BEST, and if you have already used these new features, you understand why!

With AiME's new features, your team can customize their estimates to suit your organization's specific needs.

What is BEST?





AiME now allows account administrators to edit or suppress rules specific to their office, and all users can vote and comment on all AiME Responses.

By allowing administrators the ability to customize rules specific to their office's needs, they can communicate office policies, best practices, F9 note templates, or other ideas to be implemented consistently across your estimates and organization.

How does it work?

You will notice that the small rule number will now be a clickable link (1956 in the above example). This will let you 'like' or 'dislike' a rule, and add a comment. These votes and comments go to the AiME team for review and to see if the rule needs to be revised. This helps make AiME better for you and your team!

Administrators, you will be able to see the additional Edit and Supress features. If there is a specific change or adjustment (like an office best practice) that you want for a specific rule you can Edit the text. If you do not want that rule appearing for your team, you can simply Suppress that rule.

This new software update is an estimating game changer!

Try BEST out on your next estimate review and see for yourself how this new customizing feature will allow you to get even more accurate estimates out to your clients.

Accurate, consistent and instant estimate reviews, it's no wonder this latest feature is called BEST!

Not using AiME yet? contact us today and set up a demo!

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