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AiME: A Case Study

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Insurcomm Restoration ( is a Portsmouth, NH based restoration company. Founded in 1996, Insurcomm is regarded as one of New England’s leading restoration contractors, specializing in fire and water damage cleanup and restoration, mold remediation, asbestos and biohazard removal, remodeling and reconstruction, providing emergency services and reconstruction to commercial, municipal and residential clients.

Insurcomm prides themselves on providing the highest level of service and supporting and bettering the community they serve through volunteerism and philanthropy efforts. Insurcomm was in a position where they were a customer of AiME’s

but had questions about its value to the organization. Neil Robbins, President of Insurcomm, conducted a week-long audit of estimates that were put through AiME by the Insurcomm team. Neil quickly realized the value AiME brought to the organization. It provided an excellent quality assurance and ‘double check’ of estimates sent to the insurance companies, thus ensuring they were compliant and correct. “In the week that we did our audit using AiME as our compliance tool to scan our estimates, the Insurcomm team found a ton of compliance issues and recommendations to make our estimates better, more accurate, and ultimately, provide greater value to our customers,” Neil Robbins says. “We are very impressed with AiME and will continue to be a customer for a long time.”

In that time, Insurcomm reviewed 14 estimates through AiME’s instant review service. These 14 files triggered a total of 34 reminders for compliance changes, and 199 recommendations to ensure the completeness of scope!

The Insurcomm team continues to use AiME as a Quality Assurance and Training tool. They have made it part of their internal process to run all of their estimates through AiME, to ensure compliance, improve the quality of their estimates, and keep up to date on the latest policies - and industry practices.

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