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Integrating AiME into Your Process

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Integrating AiME into Your Process

By AiME, July 7, 2021

Process. For many, it’s a scary word. It is seen as the contrary to ‘getting things done’. And yet, time and time again, process ensures that things aren’t missed, the job site is safe, and the final product meets standards. Within a company, process can be designed to be light weight – for it to be flexible, yet still allow for enough structure to provide repeatable, comprehensive results. Just like other areas of your business, you need to start the process right from the time you get the call. Photos are taken, measurements recorded, and resources start to be allocated. These are all combined into an estimate, where the estimator’s experience and skills in the field must be turned into codes. Even the most skilled estimators might miss something here. Knowing what needs to be done to replace a wall is one thing; turning that into an accurate group of estimate items b is quite another. And when estimating in multiple rooms, adding for plumbing, cabinetry, electrical, and then remembering something about the mitigation, then returning to the estimate – it’s a lot. Then there are the intricacies with all the various carrier protocols on top of that. That’s why products such as AiME exist. AiME can never go out and ‘do’ the estimate. It can’t see behind the wall and see what needs to be replaced. But it can check the estimate for things that are potentially missed and items that are non-compliant to the carrier protocols being applied. We have designed AiME to integrate into your process quickly and easily, by providing an automated quality assurance check to ensure completeness and accuracy. AiME works best when it is used on every estimate to improve the completeness and accuracy from the time it is written to the time it is reviewed. This helps the estimator by acting as an important ‘shoulder check’ that they didn’t accidentally miss anything, thus leading to a decrease in amendments and increased cycle time down the road. For the adjuster, it provides a fast and thorough scan of the estimate leading to faster approvals and reduced errors. If your estimators or adjustors use AiME every time as part of the process, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Of course, every environment is unique and different. Contact us today so we can help you plan out your process to success.

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