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Cloud Analytics Modernization

What is AiME:

AiME™ instantly interprets PDF estimates with the purpose of providing consistent, fair, and intelligent responses to augment your ability to write and review estimates , increasing accuracy and improving estimate review times.

Data Science Acceleration

Why do I need AiME?

To create, review, and adjust estimates you must:

  1. Process expert knowledge of the tasks and processes of dozens of trades and specialization

  2. Have a thorough and complete knowledge of pricing and scoping databases

  3. Be aware of the custom requirements of Carriers, and keep on top of any changes

AiME™ provides targeted training and responses for all these, augmenting and elevating a user's knowledge whether they are a new hire, or an industry veteran.

Meet the Founder – Chris Tilkov

Get to know the the founder of AiME™, what inspired him to create this software, and his insight into the estimating industry as a whole.

What is your background in the insurance and restoration industry?

I stumbled into insurance restoration at 17, starting as a technician. I quickly gained several certifications (IICRC, Xactimate, Symbility, Abatement, etc.), before eventually moving into the office and ultimately focusing on managing multiple large teams of estimators locally and nationally. I was fortunate enough to continue my education while working, studying business, and earning a degree in Technology Management. Over 20 years in the insurance restoration industry, combined with the business and technology education timed well with the rapid advances in technology in our industry.


What inspired you to create AiME™?

I have a poor memory, and I needed a solution to keep track of everything! Pricing databases and carrier requirements evolved so quickly over the past 15 years that it became nearly impossible for estimators and reviewers to keep up. There needed to be a better way for those involved in creating and approving an estimate to do so quickly while ensuring both completeness of scope and compliance. I just did not see an option in the market, and I set out with the purpose of providing training and education while improving the process.


How’s AiME™ different than other training and education options available in the industry?

Most training and education options for the estimate process are either provided in advance (to develop the skills needed to enter an estimate), or following the writing of an estimate (providing a peer review), AiME™ is designed to instantly review an estimate to provide training and education during the estimating process. With this approach, you can receive feedback, take the time to assess if the targeted response applies to your estimate, and decide whether to make a change based on the insights provided. Secondly, AiME™ provides machine consistency that cannot be reproduced by people alone.

I’m an estimator. Is a robot going to take my job?

No, a robot is not going to take your job. The field of estimating is evolving, and recent years really expedited the use of technology in our industry. 3D image technology, advanced scopesheets in job management platforms, and automated reviews are just some of the technologies that are still relatively new. These all amount to change in how an estimate is ultimately produced, however the actual work still needs to be completed and overseen by experienced professionals. Look for technology to improve efficiency and accuracy in your estimating and review, by aiding professionals – not replacing them.

Any advice to someone new to the industry?

I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, and I’m both joking and serious in saying so. If you’ve found the job that you love and are happy, great! It is enviable that so many people can do just that. For anyone that is not entirely sure ‘what they want to do when they grow up’, do not be afraid to be diverse and try new things. My experience is that a good way to branch out is to tackle the problems that everyone else runs away from – there can be great opportunity where nobody else is willing to look.

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